100 Case 2011 Leaf Muhammad Ali Metal Break Part 1

I recently had an opportunity to buy 100 cases of the 2011 Leaf Muhammad Ali Metal.  I felt like it was a very good return on my investment, so I decided to buy it and open all 100 cases.  In addition to everything that I get out of the boxes, I also knew that I could try for some of the bounties and get the bonus redemption packs.  I feel like a lot of Leaf products are the best to bust open if you just want to try and get your money back.  They might not be quite as much fun to open as National Treasures, Bowman Chrome, Topps Sterling or Panini Limited.  But, I love the value.  I opened around 40-50 cases of the 2011 Leaf Muhammad Ali base product and loved it.  It had a great return.  And the cards from that product sell even better now than they did when it came out.  So, I decided to give the Metal version a shot.

I had seen a little bit of the Metal Ali opened and liked what I saw.  Now, I’m not normally a big buster of product.  In fact, I tend to stay away from everything.  It’s easier for me to sell boxes and cases than it is for me to open stuff.  However, the Ali stuff never sold all that great to the end consumer.  Essentially I was “forced” to open the original Ali product because it just wasn’t selling.  Well, I ended up making more selling the singles than I did selling the boxes.  This led me to inquire about the Metal product.  The biggest problem I have with breaking cases is all the work that goes into it.  It’s so much sorting, scanning, listing and shipping.  That’s why it’s never really worth it for me to bust more mainstream products.  If I can sell them as boxes and cases, it saves me a tremendous amount of time.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last product I opened (outside of a box or two) other than these two Ali products.  For whatever reason, I have a tough time talking people into buying these types of products even though they provide great value.

Okay, enough of my rambling, let’s get to the break.  I’m not going to post every single card and I’m not going to list them all at once either.  What I’m going to do is spread the 100 cases out over several blogs.  I’ll start here by listing some of the bigger hits and autographs.  

Please note that if there is anything you’re looking for out of this product, let me know.  I probably have it and everything is for sale.  You’re also welcome to make offers on any of these cards.  You can do it through eBay or you can simply e-mail me.  I’ll do my best to work with you, but keep in mind that I’m not looking to dumb any of this stuff.  I have no problem being patient and waiting for the right offers to come around.  

The main cards I was looking for are, obviously, the Ali Autographs.  All-in-all, I hit 106 Ali Autographs.  Not bad at all since only 1 is guaranteed per case.  Of the 106, 35 were on-card and the rest were cut autographs.  I got 4 Super Prismatic Cut Autographs that are 1/1s.  Here are pictures of two of my favorite.  Please note that any photos I show are linked directly to the eBay listing.  


The other main thing that I was looking for were Super Prismatic Autographs.  These are the 1/1 Autographs of all the other people in the set.  I hit a total of 6 of these.  Here they are:


Not a bad haul at all.  I was very happy with the Hogan, Flair, Trump, Montana and Magic.  The Imperioli wasn’t great, but I did avoid most of the cheaper ones like Rubin Carter, Laila Ali, Angelo Dundee, Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra, Micky Ward, Roy Jones Jr. and Larry Holmes. 

The other nice things about this product are all the cool patches.  I got some very cool patches on a few of the Super Prismatic Event Worn and Fight Worn.  Here are a few:


The last thing I’ll show you for today are just the base autographs.  You definitely learn who are more short printed when you open this much of a product.  I opened about 40% of the product, so I have a pretty good idea of who is hard to get.  Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Joe Montana, Dennis Rodman, Donald Trump and Carmen Electra are all considerably harder to get.  I listed 10 of each on eBay so far.  You can check them out by clicking the links below.

Angelo Dundee

Roy Jones Jr.

Larry Holmes

Jake LaMotta

Mike Tyson

Nolan Ryan

Micky Ward

Magic Johnson

Hulk Hogan

Joe Montana

Joe Frazier

Ric Flair

Rubin Carter

Dennis Rodman

Laila Ali

Michael Imperioli

Donald Trump

Carmen Electra



Lastly, don’t forget about the 70th Birthday Redemption Packs.  These packs contain 5 special Ali Metal card with the 70th Birthday Stamp on them.  There are also four randomly inserted Muhammad Ali On Card Autographs #ed 1/1.  Here is a picture of the pack and of what the cards look like.


Well, that’s all for today.  As I said before, please let me know if you have anything you’re looking for or if you like anything you see.  I’ll work with you as best I can.



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