2 Box Break of 2013 Panini National Treasures FB & Brief Review

Panini busted 2 boxes of this stuff on their blog today. You can see the entire break HERE.

I have to say that the first box was REALLY rough.  The best card was MAYBE $50.  There were 2 base RC autos of Tavarres King and Mike James.  The King was numbered to 5, but that isn’t much help.  There was a Jumbo Patch Auto RC of Marquise Goodwin #ed /49.  And a Pen Pals Auto of Tavon/Geno/Stedman.  Unfortunately that card has been in other products already and sells for about $50.  I would be shocked if this box yielded much more than $100-$150.

The second box was much better.  The two base rookie autos weren’t a whole lot better.  They were Josh Boyce and C.J. Anderson.  Boyce isn’t awful, but it’s still probably only a $10-$15 card.  There was an Auto Tag Patch of Ryan Nassib #ed /5.  Nassib isn’t great, but he is a QB and it’s a tag patch, so not terrible.  Then was the monster.  A Drew Brees Auto Patch 1/1.  That’s a huge hit.

Had you opened the 2 boxes, you’d most likely have been pleased overall.  Value wise I don’t think you’d be down too much thanks to the Brees.  I was just a little scared by the first box.  I really do wish Panini had called out a “box hit” in every box.  Even if you look at just these two boxes, why not switch that Nassib Tag Patch Auto with the Mike James Base RC auto from the first box?  That would make the 1st box seem at least okay.  And the second box would still be fine with just the Brees.

I really believe Panini should have box and case hits in a $400+ product.  If there are 3,000 cases I would go through and find the best 3,000 cards.  Then I would go through and find the next best 9,000 cards for the other boxes.  I know that sounds like a lot of work, but at $400+ per box, I don’t think that’s asking too much.  Plus it wouldn’t take as long as it sounds.  For example, all of the Eddie Lacy Auto Patch RCs would be case hits.  All of the EJ Manuel Auto Patch RCs would be box hits.  It shouldn’t be that difficult to find 3,000 really nice cards and 9,000 other cards that are solid.

I also don’t like all the Pro Bowl stuff.  If it were really game-worn Pro Bowl material I’d be fine with it.  But it’s all event worn.  They just don’t sell very well.  I also believe that EVERY patch in this product should be the best possible patches.  There shouldn’t be any that are just barely 2-color or not even 2-color at all.

panini-america-2013-national-treasures-football-teaser-16 panini-america-2013-national-treasures-football-teaser-371 panini-america-2013-national-treasures-football-teaser-341 panini-america-2013-national-treasures-football-teaser-18 panini-america-2013-national-treasures-football-teaser-381 panini-america-2013-national-treasures-football-teaser-19

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