2 Box Preview of 2011 Topps Finest & Product Review

Here are the results from 2 boxes of 2011 Topps Finest.

First box yielded a Daniel Thomas 4-color Patch Refractor #ed 70/99 & an Austin Jersey #ed 534/589.


In addition to the hit cards, there were some pretty cool parallels and .  Here are a few of them:


The is #ed to 99 and the is un-numbered.  Both are very nice looking cards.

Here are the hits from Box #2:

Vincent Brown 4-color Patch #ed 381/599 & Mikel Leshoure Jersey #ed 021/189.


Parallels & Inserts:


Roethlisberger is #ed to 99 and Jones is un-numbered.



Let me just start by saying that these cards look great.  The Daniel Thomas Patch is one of the nicer looking cards I’ve seen.  It would be nice if the Autos were on-card.  However, sometimes Finest & Chrome cards fade over time or get smudged if they are on card.  So, the stickers at least prevent those issues from happening.  Topps also does a much better job than in building the stickers into the product to make the cards “look” on-card.   tried this with BK and it ended up looking bad and cutting off the autographs.  Example:


Okay, back to the Finest.  The product is fun to open.  You don’t have a ton of packs that aren’t going to have anything in them.  It’s a total of 12 packs and every pack has an insert, parallel or hit in it.  Because there aren’t many packs per box, it should make the of better and veterans worth a little more.  It’s also not a super easy set to build as you’ll need at least 3-4 boxes.  This should give a little value to the set.  

Both of the patches out of these 2 boxes were 4-color.  If that’s more of a theme than an anomaly, I like the product’s chances.  A 4-color Patch of any Photo Shoot player should be worth at least $15-$20 for right now.  The other hit is usually a Jersey Autograph.  

The best thing about Finest this year is that all the good RCs have both a Patch Auto and a Jersey Auto.  So, even if your Patch Auto isn’t good, you can still get a Newton or Ingram Jersey Auto.  That makes it a little easier to hit the good RCs.  Also, the Finest Moments Autos are all extra hits.  They don’t replace one of your Memorabilia Autographs.  

All-in-all, I’d give this product a solid B so far.  I’d have to see more opened to see how hard it is to hit the bigger name players.  Also I need to see if most of the patches are nice.  If the patches are all nice and the top tier RCs aren’t impossible to hit, I’d bump my grade up to an A.  

Last year’s Finest is selling for around $140 now, so I wouldn’t sit on this product too long.  With the season around the corner, all it takes is one or two rookies to have a good week and these products will shoot through the roof.  







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