2010 Finest BB & 2010 Razor Ink Vault both shipping this week

The 2010 Finest BB will be shipping this week.  It should be a pretty interesting product.  The Football kicked , but I’m not sure how this one will do.  It looks like it should be a pretty solid product.  Hopefully the patches will be as nice as some of the ones in Football.

The 2010 Razor Ink Vault is shipping this week as well.  The 2009 did pretty well and I expect more of the same from the 2010 .  It’s quite a with 4 Autographs and 1 random Inkworks Box for around $50-$55.  If you’re into these type of products, you can’t miss this one.

I still have the 2009 UD Prominent Cuts in .  It’s selling very well so far.  The reviews seem to all be very good.  It’s shooting up in price, so get it before it’s too high.

The Tournament was certainly interesting over the weekend.  Kansas losing was a huge .  The should be interesting with 3 double digit still alive.  As much as I want my to survive, I’d love to see the continue their quests.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and took advantage of the specials we had going.  If not, look for more to come in the future.  Have a great Monday.



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