2011 Topps Five Star FB right on the money

I’ve heard good and bad things from customers and people within the industry about the 2011 Topps Five Star Football that just came out.  I must say that I disagree with anyone who says it’s not a good, solid product.  Are there issues?  Absolutely.  I’ve heard of smeared autographs from some people.  That’s obviously not a good thing.  It might benefit Topps to take the UV coating off their cards in the area where they will be signed.  I’ve also seen a lot “patches” that are not patches.  In a high end product like this, the patches NEED to be better.

However, the one complaint that I don’t agree with is that the cards aren’t selling for what they should be.  The first problem with this is that I don’t agree.  Here’s a link to some complete Autograph Cards from Five Star (Just click the Newton).

That card above (#ed to 35) sold for $355.00.  A Booklet Autograph out of Supreme #ed to 10 sold for $265.00.  So, there is more value in the Five Star.  I agree that some of the cheaper cards like Base Autographs and Jersey Cards don’t carry much of a premium in Five Star.

The other point to this is that Topps really loaded most of their football products this year.  That means more Autographs, Patches and Autographed Patches.  No matter how good Five Star is, it’s going to be hurt by other products being loaded.

In my opinion, Topps did a tremendous job of adding quality veteran Autographs to Five Star.  Here are several of the bigger names that really aren’t that hard to pull:




They also did a GREAT job with inscriptions.  Here are a few of those:


Then there are my favorite cards.  These are from Pylons and Footballs used during the Super Bowl.  Absolutely awesome cards.


Here are a few really nicer cards from a 5 case break that someone was nice enough to share with me:

I know this stuff is expensive, but not too bad at all.  I’m impressed.



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