2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball

2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball is set to launch this December and the product is loaded with top prospect autographs as always. And in addition, this year, we have added an incremental autograph and are making a big effort to increase on-card autographs in the product.

This improved product has created much demand and in effort to expand our business globally we will be taking 10% of the total Bowman Sterling production run and packaging it into a Japan SKU. The domestic product will of course still deliver the same hit guarantees and as a bonus, we will be adding 134 incremental 1 of 1 Superfractors, which include 34 Autographed Superfractors to the domestic product.

We have high expectations for this product and as well, we are making a concerted effort to create global demand for our products.

Based on this new information, if you would like to reduce your order for 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball you may do so during the next two weeks. Please email your customer service representative with your new order total request by 10/17/12.

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