2013-14 Panini Innovation Images

Panini just released the next 2013-14 NBA product with Innovation this week.  They put up some images on their blog earlier in the week.  I do really love the way a lot of these cards look.  The Stained Glass inserts are awesome.  I do wish there was an autograph parallel to those though.  I really like the look of the base cards as well.  They remind me of some of the older E-X products.  With all that being said, I do worry a bit about this product.  Even in the small sample that Panini showed us, there were quite a few blah autograph cards.  I know I’ve said it over and over, but Panini has to do a better job with finding value in the autograph deals they sign.  And I know they have to put RCs in these products for cost reasons, we shouldn’t be seeing autograph RCs from guys who didn’t play at all in products that come out well after the regular season is over.  I do think collectors will like the way a lot of these cards look.  And the Stat Line jersey and patches are truly awesome.  It’s very cool to have a jersey and know exactly what game it came from.  Those puppies should sell a lot better than they do.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-66 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-93 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-27 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-88 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-84 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-16 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-45 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-31 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-72 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-56 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-58 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-41 panini-america-2013-14-innovation-basketball-qc-2

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