2013 Topps Platinum Football Review

2013 Topps Platinum Football released last week and I thought it was time to tell you what I thought of the product.  From what I have seen, the product looks to be a very nice product with good value.  The autographs aren’t always of significant value.  However, there are so many parallels that you don’t always have to pull a nice “hit” card to get value back.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of really nice hit cards as well.

The Auto Patch RCs are all Jumbo patches and they look really nice.  A good bit of them are 2 and 3 color patches.  That helps the value significantly.  These cards are sticker autographs, but Topps does a good job of integrating the design into the card.  My only real complaint with these cards is that most of them are #ed to 1000.  That’s way too high.  Don’t even number them if you’re going to number them to 1000.  What’s the point?

The autograph RCs are super nice.  They are on-card and look nice.  I do wish that the non-photo shoot guys weren’t in their combine shirts.  Those look kind of cheap to me.  I do realize that this is because they are on-card autographs though.  If given the choice I’d rather have on-card autographs with those photos than stickers autograph in a real uniform.  I like that these cards aren’t numbered to 1000 or more like the patches.

Topps continues to do a great job with parallels.  There are tons of them in this product.  It seems like just about every box has a parallel autograph #ed to 199 or less.  There are also a TON of non-autographed parallels that have significant value.  All those cards #ed to 50, 75, 99, etc. might not look like a lot, but they do bring value back.

To me the parallels and value from non “hit” cards are the reasons that Topps FB products continue to do well.  Topps does a great job of putting value into the base cards and parallels.  Bowman, Topps Finest and Topps Platinum all had a ton of different color parallels that bring value back.  A Geno Smith non auto Prism /25 just sold for $30.  The last Panini football product was Momentum.  It had no #ed parallels of the base set at all.  Panini has to find a way to deliver value from base cards and parallels like Topps.

Topps also does a better job utilizing patches early in the year.  If you type “Geno Smith Auto Patch” into eBay you get 62 results (not counting boxes, cases, packs or group breaks).  43 of those are Topps.  9 of them are Panini.  Both companies have had 5 products released.  I know that some people think that Topps is using too many patches.  However, even with a lot more out there than Panini, they still get better value for their Patch Autos.  A Geno Smith Auto Patch /25 out of Momentum sold for $50 auction style on 9/1.  A Finest Gold Refractor Patch Auto /50 sold on the same day for $56.51.  That’s only $6.51 more, but it’s a card that there are twice as many of out there.  The last Finest Geno /25 sold for $82.01 which is $32.01 more.

Sorry for going off on a tangent.  Topps really did do a solid job with the Platinum this year.  I love the addition of the BCA and Camo Die-Cut inserts.  Those are very cool looking.  I love the fact that they did a good portion of the autographs on card.  The patches look fantastic and I love that they are jumbo.  Nice work Topps.  I give this one a solid B+ with only knocking it down because the patches are #ed to 1000 and I’m not totally fond of some of the photos.  Job well done.

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