50 Case Bowman Draft Break!!!

So here’s the deal, Boomo2 is doing a 50 case break of the new 2012 Bowman Draft Hobby BB that releases next week.  They are doing this in a very unique way.  You can see all of their listings here:

Boomo2 Bowman Draft Auctions!

In case you don’t want to go through them all, I’ll explain it a bit.  They have taken the checklist and broken it down by player.  Each player will have several auctions listed.  They will have a Non Autographed Chrome Base lot that includes all the base Chrome, Refractors, Blue Refractors and Gold Refractors.  Here are a few examples of those:

Ty Hensley Lot

Kyle Zimmer Lot

Next there will be a Non Autographed Chrome lot that includes the Orange Refractor, Red Refractor and Printing Plate.  Here are some of those:

Joey Gallo Lot

Bryce Harper Lot

Then there is a Bowman’s Best Lot that includes all the Bowman’s Best inserts from a player. Examples:

Courtney Hawkins Lot

David Dahl Lot

There is also a Base Bowman lot for each player.  This lot includes all of the base Bowman cards including any parallels.  Here are those:

Wyattt Mathisen Lot

Will Middlebrooks Lot

There is also an Ice Parallel Lot.  In this you will get all the Ice Silver, Red & Purple.  Here are those:

Alfredo Rodriguez Lot

 Adam Giacalone Lot

Next up are the Futures Game Lots which include all the Futures Game patches, autographs and any other cards that come out of the cases.  Take a look:

Wil Myers Lot

Xander Bogaerts Lot

Now we get to the Autographs.  First we have the Base Autograph lot with all the Base Autos, Refractor Autos and Blue Autos.  Here are those:

Mike Zunino Lot

Albert Almora Lot

Next we we have the better autographs.  This includes the Gold Refractor, Orange Refractor, Red Refractor and Printing Plate.  Take a look at some of those:

Addison Russell Lot

Kevin Gausman Lot

Last of the player lots are the Aflac cards.  In this you get all the Aflac cards including any autographs.  Here are two of those:

Mike Zunino Lot

Courtney Hawkins Lot

The last lot is a very cool one.  It is for ALL the Superfractors that will be pulled in the 50 cases.  It includes the autograph and non-autograph versions and is for every player.  Here is that lot:

Superfractor Lot


Keep in mind that we only listed a few examples of each, but all the players are available.  Check all their auctions to find a specific player.  These are pretty cool and unique lots and I wouldn’t want to miss out if there was a player I wanted to collect.  You certainly won’t find anything like this anywhere else.  Have fun!












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