Aaron Rodgers is on fire!

So, Rodgers is absolutely tearing it up.  He’s had an amazing Playoffs so far.  He’s 49 for 63 with 546 yards and 6 TDs in only 2 games.  His QB Rating is 134.50 which is just insane.  And it’s not like he’s played against two scrub teams.  Two road games against above average defenses.  It’s pretty scary the way he’s been playing.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Packers don’t miss Favre much at this point.

Check out all the completed stuff on eBay.

Rodgers completed items on eBay.

And here’s the active stuff.

Rodgers active items on eBay.

As you can see his stuff has gone bananas lately.  The last Exquisite sold for almost $1200!  Considering he’s not even one of the short prints, that’s pretty nutso.  We still have a ton of 2005 products in stock on our website.  You can find all of our boxes here.  And all of our cases here.

All of these products seem to be shooting up in price with each game Rodgers plays.  I think there is a pretty good chance that they beat the Bears.  The Packers are playing so well right now that I don’t really see a great chance for the Bears to win.  But, I’ll get more into that in the blog with predictions later in the week.

Rodgers is in just about all of the 2005 products we feature.  His Exquisite card is live and, as stated before, is not a short print.  He has autographs in SAGE Auto, SAGE Premium, Exquisite, Reflections, Rookie Debut, Sweet Spot, Absolute and Portraits.  Get these products before they shoot up even more if they make the Super Bowl.

On a side note, don’t forget about the 09-10 UD BK we have with Blake Griffin in it.   He absolutely went off yesterday with 47 points and 14 rebounds.  The guy is straight up balling and is a one man wrecking crew.


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