ASC Baseball Card Hot Sheet

Week ending March 21st, 2012

1. 2009 Bowman WBC Yeonnis Cespedes REF /500

Has oscillated between $20 and $40 lately, and his higher end cards have moved up and down the same.  His cards are doing solid though as he homered in his 1st AB for the A’s.  He’s been named the starting center fielder, so his cards could continue to soar.  Especially once he has some MLB ones.

2. 2008 Bowman Draft Mike (Giancarlo) Stanton Xfractor AUTO /225

People are still looking for the next big “power” thing, and the newly named “Giancarlo” Stanton (his real name), is quite in demand.  This xfractor toiled just over $200 a week or 2 ago, and now they are commanding in the high 2s, and this one was yanked early because there aren’t many around, and when they are listed, people are emailing dealers and making deals off Ebay.  Giancarlo is still risky because of his low average so far in the Majors, but aside from Uggla, Pujols, and Bautista few are projected to hit more homers.  The power is absolutely for real.

3. 2008 Razor Black Brett Lawrie Auto /199

With Lawrie becoming known to the baseball masses through Fantasy drafts thus far (Lawrie has been the highest moving fantasy pick of all the young guns), the Razor cards are exploding.  A week ago, these could be had for $30 or lower.  Ebay #280786130982 made 5 available at $50, and they were all snagged up.  These are getting increasingly difficult to find as there are none listed on eBay as of this posting.

4. 2011 Bowman Chrome Brett Lawrie Gold Refractor AUTO (and other Chrome parallels)

The fastest mover on Ebay, we rarely have 2 cards of the same player on the Hot Sheet.  But Lawrie deserves it, as this card has trended upward, and fast.  In February it traded for around $700.  Weeks ago it moved to $900, and the last one went off at just under $1100.  Chant with us: “Over-Val-Ued” Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap.

5. 2011 Bowman Chrome Wax Box (Hobby)

Jumping from $55 to nearly $80 in the last couple weeks, due to the great selection of autos (Matt Moore), to the greater SSP autos (Hosmer, Lawrie, Jacob Turner), Josh P says there’s no hotter box out there and Ebay sales agree with him!  This box has not only increased, but continues to sell.  That’s the definition of a truly hot box of cards.  Keep on eye on the 2011 Bowman Draft Picks BB as it continues to sell and will be on the move sooner rather than later.

6. 2011 Bowman Sterling Eric Hosmer Auto (and ALL Hosmer cards)

An easy find at $60 just last week, baseball hype has him exploding into the $100 range now.  Fantasy drafts and ESPN coverage is pushing just about all of the young guys on the list.  Hosmer isn’t the perfect prospect, but who is?  If he WAS able to develop power though, watch out.

7. 2009 Bowman Draft Mike Trout Blue Ref AU /150 BGS 9.5 / 10 AU

Although this is listed 7th, it could easily be at #1.  Selling for just $350 just 7-10 days ago, the last went off at $500 on Ebay, as Trout, as well as the other young guns on the list, climb the Fantasy draft lists.

8. 2002 Bowman Draft Ryan Raburn Refractor Auto /500

Raburn, with 6 HRs at last check and an average around .500, is blistering hot because of his hot Spring Training stats.  Because of that, the formerly $4 card has surged to $20-$25.  Buy his cards if you must, but please don’t take him in your fantasy draft because of his hot spring.

9. 2005 Topps Chrome Justin Verlander Black Auto /200

Maybe it’s the fact that all the other MLB superstar hurlers (Halladay, Lee, Felix Hernandez) will struggle for run support this year, fans are realizing that Verlander is the one guy who won’t be.  This card could be had for $150 just weeks ago, it can’t be had less that $350/Best Offer today.  Or, it could be the MLB 2k12 commercials where he’s dressed like Randy Johnson.  No matter why, Verlander cards are worth every penny, as they look like they will be off-the-charts huge this year if everything goes they way it looks for Detroit.

10. 2010 Bowman Chrome Carlos Peguero Blue Refractor Auto /150

Quite simply, Peguero is tearing up Spring Training, and because of that, this card has doubled this week from $20 to $40.

Thanks, and see you next week, as baseball cards are heating up.

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