Atlanta Sports Cards presents: **Brand New** Weekly Hobby Hot Sheet- Top 20 Cards

Written By James Kennedy, ASC Blog Writer

August 26, 2011

1. 2011 Upper Deck Football Ryan Mallett Auto


Mallett rises $30 from $60 to $90 based on his stellar QB play for the Patriots.  I don’t even like to think about it, but if Brady goes down with an injury (eeek!), we have a Navy SEAL talent in the “Reserves.”  Its great to be a Pats fan….

2. 2008 Razor Baseball Brett Lawrie Autographs

Some rose to $50 and beyone before settling in the $40 range.  His latest Grand Slam fuels this Razor release even more, as its now worth 2 times Hosmer’s only card, also a Razor exclusive.  Lawrie is talented, but when Topps drops the hammer with some sort of chrome autograph of Lawrie, this card may unfortunately be an afterthought.

3. 2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football Tyron Smith Auto

Bizarrely, it will cost you in excess of $30 for this offensive lineman, up $10 from last week’s price (which also seemed high).  If I had to guess why Upper Deck Football remains strong on secondary sales, is because they made cards of anyone they wanted who played college football, often producing cards of local giants that went undrafted.  Smith does not fall in that category, but if Upper Deck didn’t step up its game with its last few football products, I doubt they would have lasted much longer.  This may still be the case, but I’m impressed with creativeness of both regular Upper Deck, and the newer Sweet Spot release.

4. 2008 Bowman Sterling Baseball Jesus Montero Auto Jersey

Raking since the All-Star break, Montero has restored himself to top prospect status since.  This card doubles from $20 to $40.

5. 2011 Topps Inception Football Kendall Hunter On Card Auto /600

He’s playing well in the preseason, but even if he wasn’t, that doesnt explain the $1 price tag on these cards early on.  They now sell near $10, for a great profit.

6. 2005 Bowman Draft Ryan Braun Autogaphs

Its amazing his cards aren’t thousands of dollars.  He’s on pace to become the most all around accomplished hitter of this generation, and if he continues to improve, has potential to be mentioned alongside Williams and Mantle years from now.  That’s high praise, but he produces high output.  Raw cards jump from $105 to $130, while BGS 9s jump $40, from $160 to $200.

7. 2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football Ross Homan Auto

Upper Deck taking advantage of their college license by making OSU fans drool, as every graduating senior from last year has an auto in 1 of the 2 products.  Homan’s up, and I’m not even going to try to explain why:  I have never heard of him despite spending 29 hours per Saturday watching College Football.  (That’s actually possible if youre on the East Coast, and you watch the end of Hawaii home games.  Nevermind, that would only be 17 hours.  But as usual, I digress…)

8. 2010 Elite Extra Baseball Drew Smyly Auto

My favorite set has another random late pick as an exclusive auto.  Buyers have taken note of Smyly (who has 3 one-hit starts this year), and the card rises from $10.02 to $16.  Plus s/h of course!!

9. 2009 Elite Extra Baseball Tyler Skaggs Auto /820

Skaggs wasn’t supposed to be this good, but he turned out to be better than sure-things like Kyle Gibson and Chris Archer.  But that’s why they play the game folks….. Skaggs moves from $7 and change to $13 and change, as he continues to lead every league he’s in, in strikeouts.  There’s still scouting issues with certain pitches and arm action on his pitches, but the numbers speak for themselves.

10. 2011 Inception Football Stevan Ridley On Card Auto 

I told you it’s great to be a Pats fan!  Ridley leads the NFL in rushing early on in Exhibition Mode, but thats enough to move these cards.

11. All Roy Helu 2011 Football Autographs

Helu is second in rushing yards, and all of a sudden Ridley and Helu look like they’re serious.  And not many would be surprised:  As many think Ingram won’t fit into an NFL scheme, and other guys are blocked at the position, Helu and Ridley could be the breakout stars in 2011.

12. 2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball Miguel Sano Ref Auto

Topping the BA Hot Sheet, the 18 year old continues to mash and rake, rake and mash.  This jumped from $10.50 to $20.

13. 2007 Bowman Chrome Peter Bourjos Autographs

Modest but admirable jump for the Angels’ speedster: $20 to $31.

14. 2006 Bowman Sterling Clayton Kershaw Auto

If you haven’t heard about Kershaw, mark your calendar and watch his next start.  he’s the classic “under the radar” guy you torture yourself over when he becomes the perennial CY Young award winner.

15. 2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football Greg Salas Auto

This started out around $8, and now sells for $22-$25 regularly. 

16. 2011 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Football Mark Ingram Auto


This variation will run you $130, up 50% since last week.

17. 2011 Topps Inception Football Hobby Boxes


Coulda shoulda woulda.  This product makes it extremely tough to land a top QB or WR, and is heavy on second and 3rd rounders.  But presell prices were in the low $600s, paling in comparison to the $700 wholesale price right now.  Magnificent looking, its only marred by Rookie Photo Shoot patches used in totality.

18. 2011 Inception Football Von Miller Autograph Patch


The #2 overall pick has seen this card jump $10 from around $20 to $30.

19. 2010 Elite Extra Baseball Matt Moore Autographs


These held steady at $35 per this week, but the paralells are starting to command higher prices weekly.  No Minor League pitcher comes close to Moore’s stats or potential.  A no-brainer.

20. 2010 Elite Extra Baseball Jurickson Profar Autos

Profar, who’s ascent started at the Futures game, as he sped around the bases, has continued throughout the whole second half.  A buzz on profar eminated from the National Convention earlier this month, and the aftershocks are keeping buyers interested.  Great player to pick up.

August 26th, 2011

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