Atlanta Sports Cards WEEKLY HOT SHEET June 2nd, 2011

Atlanta Sports Cards

Weekly Baseball Card Hot Sheet

June 3, 2011

Written by James Kennedy

Contributions by James Graham and site/ASC owner Josh Pankow


“The prodigal son also rises”

1. 2005 Topps Chrome Jay Bruce Autographs

His Captain-Insano hot streak is one of two things.  Another giant tease, or the start of what was supposed to come all along.  Think about it this way- had Bruce went to college, his RC would be 2009 Bowman Draft.  Instead, he’s taken his lumps, honed his craft, and a new superstar is born…..or is he?  This is the same player who set the world afire when he was first called up in 2008.  His cards are still kinda cheap.  Topps Chrome @ 60, Sterling @ 50, and those are up from $35 last week.  His 17 HRs lead the NL, and there isnt a hotter position player….there is a hot pitcher though, named….


2. 2007 Bowman Signs of the Future Jair Jurrjens

Jair Jurrjens (pronounced: G-EYE-AIR  JUR-JENS) is still terrorizing hitters, using 4 pitches, and gearing up for a legit CY YOUNG campaign.  The Dutch Jurrjens is sleepwalking right through the NL, as hes yet to give up 3 runs in a start.  This card moves from $12 to $40 this week.


3. 2008 Razor Jordan Lyles Letterman Autographs

Why did collectors let this card go for $1 last week, when its now doing $20-$40??  Oh, I forgot, its a Razor card.  Beggars can’t be choosers.


4. 2011 Topps/Bowman Wax Presells

Wax is hot.  Baseball is hot.  Topps isnt overproducing.  Not just that, they have no competition.  A chain reaction is taking place…..after 2011 Topps doubled in price upon release, Heritage followed ($50 from factory to $85 a box), the widely unliked Gypsy Queen put a “stamp” on it (pun intended), going from $70 to $140 overnight, and now Bowman has followed suit, dropping 20% after rising 50% upon release.  Harper will make or break that product.  Anyway, what does this all mean?  Its real simple….those who got in early (geez, I forgot the hugely successful Tribute), cashed in, and they want more of that.  So more product  is being ordered.  Somewhere in the 2011 Bowman cluster****, either the factory cut production or unscrupulous distributors did (at ASC we are NOT distributors!) to make extra dough.  But with so few legit releases coming out, Topps 2 has sold out even before release, and Bowman upcoming releases will follow suit.  So theres 1 more question: Will Topps overproduce like they did so intergalactically last year with BowChro and TopChro?  Ony time will tell.  Until then, the presell market remains red hot.


5. 2011 Bowman Retail Brandon Crawford Autograph

After a walk off grand slam, Crawfords card soared $15 from $5-$8 to $23.  0 star buy.


6. All Mike Stanton 2008 Autographs

Mike Stanton 2008 Bowman Chrome AUTO Refractors 500 GEM

Imagine if he had Youkilis’ eye?  This guy can hit the ball 700 feet soaking wet and using a 2×4.  That makes me wonder: Did Hacksaw Jim Duggan cork his wooden friend?  Stanton 08s are up across the board, with RAZOR copies (yep, i said Razor) commanding $50 per at one point last week.  If Stanton never hits .300 though, he will become a novelty.


7. 2010 Elite Matt Moore Autograph /819

I dont buy into scouts hype: Projectibility, possibility, hopeful the player will grow, etc.  I DO buy into stats.  This is the best card of the best flamethrower in the Minors, bar none.  He moved up to #4 on our Top 25 prospects, and soon he will join King Felix, Doc Holliday and Oil Can Boyd as one of the preminent hurlers of our time….wait, Boyd retired?

8. 2010 Bowman Chrome Jose Altuve Refractors

The only minor leaguer batting over .400 (.414 to be exact), is drawing DAILY raves from the baseball equivilent of the Dali Lama, Kevin Goldstein.  As you can see, a AA promotion hasnt slowed him

2011LANCAL.4085221338871375341291926189.   451.6061.057
2011Minors .414542203991137 6 37 136192718 9.455 .618 1.073

The stats tell the story: his card above is his lone issue


9. All Paul Goldschmidt Cards

Goldschmidt has made our Hot Sheet over half the time this year!  We warned he wouldnt hit at advanced levels, and despite 18 HRs at AA, no one is getting too excited until Goldy gets called up and faces some pitching.  To his credit, fellow slugger Rich Poythress, who had similar high K numbers last year, similar low BA, and similar HUGE power numbers, has not been able to hold a candle to Goldy.  And the D’Backs system is developing perfectly.  AJ Pollock, Bobby Bochering, Matt Davidson, and Jarrod Parker are just a couple names in the deep ‘Zona system.  Goldy’s Chrome Autos are up 20% this week


10. 2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Orange Autographs /25

Harper is on fire again!  From

Amidst speculation and talk of his future this summer, Bryce Harper just continues to rake.

Harper slammed a walk-off two-run homer in the 10th inning on Thursday, his second home run in as many days, as Class A Hagerstown rallied past Greenville, 9-8.

· Box score
· Bryce Harper’s bio, stats
· Video: Harper’s 12th homer
· Buy a ‘Harperstown’ t-shirt
· Top 50 Prospects: Harper
· See Harper in Hagerstown

“It felt great,” Harper said. “I was looking for any pitch to drive and getting that pitch is huge.”

The Las Vegas native went 4-for-5 with a walk, helping push his average back up to .346 as he enters his third month in professional baseball. The huge game comes a day after Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo’s comments regarding the phenom’s potential future this year.

“He’s having a terrific season [at Hagerstown],” Rizzo told on Wednesday. “I like the setup he has there — he’s very comfortable in his surroundings and has a great staff around him.”

Harper, who hit .333 in April and .330 in May, will be promoted at some point this season, Rizzo said. Many feel the right fielder could move straight to Double-A Harrisburg.

“I don’t see him staying [at Class A] for the entire season,” Rizzo said. “He’ll be moved at some time. We’re just not at the point where he’s ready to move yet.”

The Greenville Drive might have wished he was missing Thursday. The Boston affiliate tied the game with two runs in the ninth and then took the lead on Henry Ramos’ RBI single in the 10th.

Hagerstown came right back in the bottom of the frame as Adrian Sanchez hit a leadoff double and Harper followed with a game-winning drive to left off Tyler Lockwood, a reliever he singled off of in the eighth.

“Sanchy got a hit before me and that was big. I hit a changeup away,” Harper said. “[Lockwood] had a good two-seamer that was sinking. The time up before he gave me a fastball that I handled to left.

“I came up confident to see the breaking ball in the next at-bat,” he added, “and got the change.”

The clutch shot came a day after Harper clubbed a two-run homer in the third inning of Wednesday’s 14-12 slugfest loss to the Drive. He ranks second among Class A batters in homers (13) and RBIs (41).

The 2010 No. 1 overall Draft pick had slumped — by Bryce Harper standards — down to a .320 average last week (he was 4-for-30 from May 22-30) after flirting with reaching .400 earlier in the month. He’s been on a roll entering June, though, with 10 hits in his last four games.

The converted catcher worked his average to as high as .396 on May 11 after his first career four-hit effort.

“Finally,” Harper said after the win, “the ball rolled our way.”

The sky’s the limit


11. 2011 Bowman Retail Michael Pineda Autograph

Michael’s first licensced auto can be found only in….WAL-MART?  Is this some kind of cruel joke, Topps?   Because you’ve been playing games with us collectors lately- but this isnt cool.   Mind-boggling that the first Pineda auto is stuck in Retail blasters, dumpers, rack packs, and other 100000% searchable outlets.  Thanks, guys.  Anyone want some Ben Gamel or Yunieski Maya autos I pulled en masse while being a “good” collector and buying at Hobby outlets?  Oh, you don’t?  You want the Pineda instead?  Like in Back to the Future, when Marty’s picture was disappearing as his fate was slowly fading away, I fear the same is happening to the four or five hobby shops left in the country,  Get out the flux capacitor…

12. 2008 Bowman Brad Peacock Refractors

Brad Peacock, RHP, Nationals (Double-A Harrisburg): 6.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 9 K

That line is actually from Wednesday, but I didn’t hear from a scout about the game until yesterday afternoon. Few pitchers have been more impressive of late, as Peacock has whiffed 33 over 19.2 innings in his last three outings while allowing just nine hits and four walks, and the stuff is backing up the numbers. The 23-year-old is not overwhelming physically, but with super-fast arm action, he’s consistently sitting in the low-to-mid 90s with his fastball, and the pitch plays up from there due to his ability to locate and use both sides of the plate. He’ll flash a good curve ball and decent change, and even with secondary pitches that lag a bit behind, he projects as a number three starter with room to grow if his arsenal does.


13. 2010 Bowman Platinum Gerrit Cole Auto /740

Pre-Draft hype moved these from $27 to $42 this week.  He’ll most likely go #5 or #6.


14. 2009 Elite Joe Kelly Autographs

Joe Kelly, RHP, Cardinals (High-A Palm Beach): 7.2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 5 BB, 9 K. Second straight start where he’s had a no-hitter after seven; plus-plus sinker but doesn’t always control it well.


15. 2006 Bowman Draft Clayton Kershaw Refractor Autos

Dominating NL hurler has seen this card jump $20 this week.

Honorable Mentions:

- 2009 Elite Tyler Skaggs Autos- Leads AA in Ks

-                     2010 Bowman Chrome Shelby Miller and Zack Cox Autos- Both promoted to AA this week

-                     2011 Bowman EXCH Prospect Card (Jared Cosart Auto)- Top 10 prospect in 2012.

-                     2011 Bowman Platinum Wax Presells- Harper will be in here and not as hard to pull as Bowman

-                     2010 Elite Tyler Thornburg Autos- 1.31 ERA good for 4th in all the minors

-                     2010 Robbie Erlin Cards- He’s so far ahead of anyone else in WHIP and BAA, its real scary

-                     All Francisco Lindor Cards- He may go #2 in the draft

-                     Alex Cobb Cards- AAA Era leader getting MLB starts for the Rays

-                     2010 Bowman DJ LeMahieu Autographs- called up to the show this week

-                     2011 Gypsy Queen Prince William / Kate Middleton Relic Card- Never heard of them.

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