Blake Griffin in person

I was fortunate enough to go to the / game on Friday.  I had amazing seats and have never experienced anything quite like it before.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera so all I had was my phone.  The pictures aren’t great, but they are better than nothing.

is something to see in person.  I would say every other he calls for an alley-oop.  He had three thrown his way in this game.  Converted two of them.  One was thrown so high that a giant couldn’t have pulled it down.  I immediately turned to my friend and said that anyone who throws an oop too high for Mr. Griffin shouldn’t be throwing them.

He had a solid game.   up with 19 points and 11 boards.  The amazing thing was that it seemed like he wasn’t really doing much.  That’s a that he’s turned into something special.  When a player goes for 19 and 11 and it feels like an off game, they are a superstar.  Another is when the crown boos him like mad.  That’s what happened when Blake was at the free throw .  Fans don’t boo a player unless he’s a superstar.

It was a very and I’m sad to say that the Clippers only come to town once a year.  Griffin is quite a site to see.  Maybe next time I’ll remember a camera.  Have a great Sunday and enjoy the tonight.

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