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“Heads Up”


As some may have heard, unarguably the most scary and downright saddest sports story hit the wires on Friday. . 13 year old Hayden Walton, who died this weekend after being hit in the chest by a pitch, tragically is being remembered by being “that young kid who died in Little League.”  His name is almost never mentioned in the media.  It makes me stop in my tracks: Not only am I lucky to be alive and healthy, Im lucky to have such a great family, wonderful friends- old and new, I’m lucky I get to do what I love and I’m lucky that I’m lucky (unless you count Casino trips).  We’re all lucky to be in such an awesome hobby.

Heads Up:  There are lots of cards moving up and down, and rumors abound.  At ESPN, AAA-Omaha’s Mike Moustakas is up to 1.8% owned, and AAA-Tuscon’s Anthony Rizzo is over 1% owned.  Both are up from .1% owned a week ago.  Someone knows something.  These guys will both be up by May 15th.  Brett Lawrie, an incredible 18% owned (he hasn’t even got called up yet), hurt his hand and that is the sole delay for the callup.  So 1 through 3 are:

1. 2007 Elite Mike Moustakas Auto /999

2. 2008 Razor Brett Lawrie Autographs

3.2010 Bowman Anthony Rizzo Auto


The majors have had some strange successes and failures recently.  Red hot Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton are expected.  Arencibia is holding his own in Toronto.  The Red Sox are on fire, and when they win it all, Pedroia, A-Gon, and Youkilis cards will be the big winners.  Jacoby Ellsbury is really heating up- outside of my Beantown backyard, theyre probably affordable.  Forget Beckett, he has too few key cards.  Jay Bruce has been the SECOND hottest hitter in the last 15- the always monsterous Asdrubal Cabrera is sabermetrically hotter.  (Funny side:  Baseball Prospectus employees had to go to a Sabermetric seminar/classes weekend this last week, out of town.  Really?  Thanks for burning the Jet fuel BP: its not like we normal people need gas….)


5. All 2005 Jay Bruce cards

Dillon Gee beat previously undefeated jair Jurrjens yesterday to jump in the ROY race.  Out of nowhere, eh?  Shelby Miller has started his ascent to becoming VERY expensive, and the same is happening for Nolan Arenado (the consensus #1 overall potential ROI gainer from the resident ASC scouts; I agree btw).  Bryce Harper is up significantly after dropping a bit once 2011 Bowman was widely broke as he was slumping.  He’s roared back.

6. 2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Autos

7. 2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Chrome

8. All Nolan Arenado cards

9. 2010 Bowman Shelby Miller Autos

Now the Final Four, as I am off to a show this AM:  Both Matt Harvey and Zach Wheeler are hiting their peaks in their careers, Jose Altuve is becoming lights-out, hitting .420, and Red Sox catcher Ryan Lavarnway is becoming their best prospect.

10. 2008 Razor Letterman Ryan Lavarnway


Have a great Sunday all, and God Bless

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