Happy 70th to Muhammad Ali plus some more hits from the case break!

Happy 70th Birthday to the GREATEST!  Here’s hoping that you are feeling well today and enjoy this special day.  As a tribute to Ali, here are some more hits from the 100 case break.

The Fight Worn Super Prismatic 1/1s are super hard to hit, obviously.  Here’s a scan of what they look like.

I hit 12 of those out of the 35 in the set.  Very cool looking cards and they are all very nice patches.

The Event Worn Super Prismatic 1/1s have some insane patches.  There are 35 of them in the set as well.  I hit 14 of them.


Then there are the Training Worn Super Prismatic 1/1s.  They are my least favorite as they don’t have great patches and they’re not Fight Worn.  Still very cool though.

Base Sets are very difficult to come by.  I haven’t had the time to sort all of the base cards yet, but cards #1 & #100 are very short printed.  Here are the base sets.

I’m also selling cards #1 & #100 by themselves in case you need to finish your set.  Here they are.


Next up is a Prismatic Set #ed out of 125.  This set is fairly tough to build as there are only 125 total sets.  I haven’t sorted all of these, but I think I have about 15-20 of them.

The last thing for today is a Memorabilia Event Worn Set of 35 cards all #ed to 70.  This is a great set and not an easy one to build.  I believe I have about 8-10 of these.

There will be more to come!


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