Long time…

Sorry for not posting anything in quite some time.  We had some issues with the website.  Then there were the 2010 Bowman and 2010 Topps Series 2 which have gone bananas, and it’s been keeping me on my toes for sure.  We have several new products in that I’ll go through.

First off, make sure you pre-buy ANYTHING you think you might want.  Everything is going up like mad and you will miss out if you don’t pre-buy it.  I’ve never seen anything like 2010 Bowman in my experience in this industry.  This product goes up every single time I look at it.  The single card sales continue to amaze me as well with some of the Strasburg Autographs going for over $3,000.  It’s the only product I can remember doubling in price and still not being a total rip-off to open.

Topps Series 2 is on its way up now.  It’s increased quite a bit in the last day or two.  I haven’t seen any of it opened yet, but I’m assuming it’s going up mostly because of the Million Card Giveaway program.  Also, since Series 1 is so high, some people don’t mind paying more than normal for Series 2.

2009-10 Panini Absolute also came out.  I’ve seen some really awesome stuff out of here.  However, it seems like the content is too similar to some of their other, low-end, products.  I was really hoping to see a lot of really cool patches and veteran autographs.  From what I’ve seen, most of the hits are RCs and most of them are just jerseys and not patches.  Football was loaded with jumbo patches, but those seem to be much harder to get in basketball.  The autograph memorabilia redemptions are cool, but they aren’t very easy to get.

We also had 2010 Razor Poker come in.  This one seems to me like a good break for poker fans or those who just want to sell everything and not lose too much.  You get a lot of stuff and it will sell relatively well, as the poker stuff always does.  The Stu Unger stuff is pretty cool as well.  I saw 2 boxes opened and both of them had an autographed printing plate 1/1.

I was finally able to get some of the 2010 Panini World Cup Stickers in too.  It’s been very hot and seems to selling extremely well at the retail level.  With the World Cup only about 3 weeks away, this one should continue to sell well.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week.  Thanks for all the orders and please let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you.



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