March Madness plus daily Specials

March Madness is upon us.  I hope everyone has their brackets ready.  I picked West Virginia to win it all.  I watched most of the Big East Tournament and they looked really impressive to me.  Knowing my track record, they will probably lose in the 2nd round.  Good luck to everyone on your brackets.

I’m going to be sending out some specials every day this week.  There is not a lot of new product out right now, so I’m going to try and drum up some interest in some of the current and older products.  Today, I have the following products on sale:

2001-02 Pacific Titanium Hockey- $39.99 per box, $699.99 per 20-box case

2004 Fleer E-X Football- $74.99 per box, $879.99 per 12-box case

2006 Upper Deck Epic Baseball- $104.99 per box, $799.99 per 8-box case

2007 Upper Deck Premier Football- $107.99 per box, $1049.99 per 10-box case

2009-10 Panini Certified Basketball- $73.99 per box, $579.99 per 8-box case, $1700 per 24-box case

Check back each day this week for different products.  I have them all linked to the specials section, so you can simply click on that to see what’s on sale each day.  On top of this, each product that is purchased will be extended for another day.  So, if you all keep buying the products, they will stay on sale for a long time.

Have a great Tuesday!



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