NEW ASC Weekly Column “Money Where My Mouth Is”

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NEW Weekly Column “Money Where My Mouth Is”

“Money Where My Mouth Is”

By James Kennedy

It seems like it’s been a whole season for this baseball prospector.  Ive bought and sold more cards on the Internet and at shows than I tought I would be doing times 5.  Thats great and all, but shipping is such a pain.  Ebay fees are a bigger pain, but boy, I do it, but I really disdain shipping items.

Why?  Because Ebay requires Delivery Confirmation, (TRADEMARK: THE USPS), I have to sit in line at the Post Office like the town-jerk.  Im sure theres ways around this with some fancy shipping service, but I’m “printer-un-inclined.”  They don’t work for me.  Ever.

I digress. For those who’ve been following the blog, they have been rewarded (and this blogger welcomes you to check his backlog on this) to some degree.  We challenge anyone in this hobby- anyone- to have stronger investment advice.  Beyond that, we try and tackle cutting edge issues, but above all- we want YOU to profit from cards.  While having fun.  That’s the way it should be.

So this week, I introduce a new column.  “Money Where My Mouth Is.” I will document my 5 top ROI (Return on Investment) plays of the week. Each week, we will chart average Ebay values, and see how I’ve progressed.  Or digressed!  (But don’t bet on it)

1. 2010 Bowman Draft ROBBIE ERLIN Refractor /500 (Current value: $17)

Erlin already has shown his merit by posting a WHIP, and BAA that lead the minors…by a lot.  Earlier this week he took a no-no into the 8th.  Like Bumgarner in 2009, and Posey in 2010, sometimes it takes mid-season grades to show collectors how much a certain player has accomplished.  This may not be a giant short term gain, but we’ll keep some in our portfolio for now.

2. 2010 Elite Extra Edition MATT MOORE Autograph /819 (Current value: $18)

It just doesn’t get any better for Matt Moore fans.  First, his only auto remains the card shown above. Next, Moore isn’t slated to be in any upcoming products, besides a base card in the newly-delayed Platinum.  Lastly, with  90-20 K/BB ratio, and posting 8 straight quality starts, Moore’s 2010 Elite card, which oscillates between $16-$23, shouldn’t be expected to stay cheap for long.  He is a better prospect than Jennings AND Hellickson, two players who occupied many pre-season Top 10s.  And Moore buyers will be rewarded in due time, which may be in the next 14 days.

3. 2010 Bowman Sterling Taijuan Walker Gold Ref Au /50 (Value: $43)

Taijuan Walker has let up a whopping 1 earned run in his last 4, and in 8 total games, the last 7 have been quality starts.  At an aging 18 years old, hes walked just 8 and struck out 36 in the last 4.  Praise comes no higher than what’s about to be bestowed on Walker. Because hes in Class A, he’s ignored sometimes by BA and other sites….we’re warning you that if you want to get in on the ground floor, this may be your last chance.

4. 2010 Bowman Sterling Black Ref AU /25 (Value: $42.11)

A hitting catcher for Red Sox nation?  Just called up to AAA?  Whats wrong with this picture?  $42 for a black refractor?  Lavarnway is poised to move Jarod Saltalamachhia back to spelling school.

5. 2010 Bowman Chrome Wrapper DUSTIN ACKLEY (Current Price: $121)

We will, for investment terms, treat this like a portfolio.  Some weeks we will be selling,  For instance, the Ackely buy is on rumors only that he will be soon called up.  I don’t like Ackley long term at all, but a callup is an auto-jump for a prospect this large.

Total Cost of 1 of each card:  ($241.11)

For our virtual portfolio, we will Buy:

(5) Matt Moore

(5) Rob Erlin

(3) Taijuan Walker

(2) Rob Lavarnway

(2) Ackley Wrapper Auto

Thanks all, and we’ll put a tote board up next installment, and 5 more cards.


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