Random Thoughts 1/10/14

-Sitting here watching the Heat/Nets games and I must say that I’m ready for Playoff basketball already. The regular season is fun, but it’s too easy for so many of these teams to coast. Especially Indiana and Miami in the East. There is absolutely no threat of either of those teams dropping from the top 2 seeds. The West is a bit more complicated as coasting too much could cost you a playoff spot. The West is so much stronger than the East right now. I think there are at least 11 teams in the West that would make the playoffs in the East. Stinks to be those bottom teams that won’t make it in the West.

-They were talking on the pre-game show and there was a lot of talk about the upcoming draft. A draft that was once thought of as one of the best ever isn’t looking quite as good right now. Several players have struggles. Some have even gone on record of saying that there isn’t a single franchise player in the draft. While I’m no expert, I certainly hope that isn’t true. I haven’t watched a ton of these guys, but I was pretty impress with Julius Randle, Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins when I watched them. I think part of the problem is that people are expecting LeBron and Durant. Those are unrealistic expectations. But I don’t see why we can’t have several All-Stars and great players. Time will tell.

-Panini has had several nice products so far this year. However, America’s Pastime isn’t one of them. I have always questioned many of these non-liscensed products. This product just has too much in it that looks really cheap to me. There shouldn’t be these type of cards in a $200+ priced box. It has to deliver value and this one lacks in the department.

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