Random Thoughts 11/10/14

-Here’s hoping the NBA rookies can turn it on at some point.  We’ve seen a lot of lackluster performances so far.  If you can name the only rookie to score 20 points in a game so far, I’ll be amazingly impressed.  Waiting… Jabari Parker?  Nope.  Andrew Wiggins?  Nope.  Elfrid Payton?  Nope.  His name is Bojan Bogdanovic.  That’s right.  We’ve seen very little from the rookies so far.  Only Jabari Parker and the aforementioned Bogdanovic are averaging double digit points so far.  A few of the rookies are putting up decent numbers in other stat categories like rebounds and assists.  However, I simply haven’t seen enough.  Their PER (a rating which calculates a player’s overall efficiency) are down from even last year’s historically bad rookie class.  So far none of these guys look like potential superstars.  With that being said, don’t get too worked up yet.  It is still REALLY early.  And there’s no reason to panic yet.  However, it sure would be nice to start seeing some real production from these guys.

-Man oh man did college football get interesting this week.  There are currently 10 teams in the power conferences that have 1 loss or less.  However, I’ll be positively shocked if more than 3 end up that way.  Florida State is not going to lose.  They simply don’t play anyone good enough to beat them.  Mississippi State has, at least, 2 super tough games.  They still play at Alabama and at Mississippi.  Then they’re likely to play in the SEC Championship Game if they win one or both of those games.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see them lose twice.  Oregon has 2 relatively easy games before their Championship Game.  That will most likely be against Arizona State or UCLA.  I would say Oregon would be favored, but it wouldn’t shock me if they lost.  Alabama has 2 super tough games left.  They still play Mississippi State and Auburn.  They are both at home, but I am guessing they will falter in one of those games.  TCU has a fairly soft schedule remaining.  They do have 2 road games, but they are against Kansas and Texas.  TCU lucks out because they don’t have to play a Championship Game.  I’ll be shocked if they lose a game.  Baylor has 3 home games left, but one of them is super tough.  Kansas State comes to town.  K-State still has an outside shot of winning the Big 12 if TCU happens to lose, so there will be plenty of motivation.  Ohio State really doesn’t play anyone left until the Big 10 Championship Game.  Nebraska is at Wisconsin this week and then still has the possibility of the Big 10 Championship Game.  Finally Duke doesn’t have much left on their schedule, but would play FSU in the ACC Championship Game.  Unless they find a way to win that game, they have no shot at the Playoffs.  Based on what I’ve seen here is who I am picking:

  • Florida State- They’ll finish 13-0 after winning the ACC Championship Game.
  • Oregon- I simply don’t think anyone in the Pac 10 is good enough to beat them.  I’m still not sure how in the world they lost to Arizona.  I think they finished 12-1.
  • TCU- I don’t know that I believe TCU really belongs.  I simply don’t think they’ll get beat from here out.  And their only loss came at Baylor by only 3 points.
  • An SEC Team- I’m not ready to pick which one yet.  Yes, this is a total cop out.  Here is a question I’ve been thinking about today though.  What if every SEC team has at least 2 losses?  Sounds incredible?  It’s not as far fetched as it might seem.  If Mississippi State loses to Alabama, then Alabama loses to Auburn and finally Mississippi State loses in the SEC Championship Game, then every team in the SEC has at least 2 loses.  Does the selection committee put a 2-loss SEC team into the Playoff over a possible 1-loss team like Baylor, Ohio State or Nebraska?  I believe they would.  It’s a tough call though.

One thing is for sure.  The Playoff has made this season a whole lot more exciting.  TCU would have nearly no chance if not for the Playoff.  They’d have to hope for a lot of losses to get into the top 2.  Now, all they have to do is move up 1 spot (which they’ll do when Mississippi State or Alabama looses this weekend).  It also leaves teams like Duke, Nebraska and Arizona State still holding out hope.  I can’t wait to watch the Playoff games.

-The market is a bit slow right now.  Some of you may be seeing that if you’re heavily involved in the hobby.  Don’t panic too much as this tends to happen every year around this time.  However, I am BEGGING the card companies to start making some changes and putting out products that excite people.  There have been a few that people liked, but way too many have come and gone without any semblance of excitement.  That simply shouldn’t happen.  The manufacturers have to do a better job with these products.  And it’s really pretty much every product that needs help.  There are a few, here or there, that make waves.  The rookies might not be performing as well as we had hoped, but that’s not the only reason for failed products.  I’m not trying to jump on these companies or make it seem like it’s easy.  However, they have to take a long, hard look at what is going on right now.  Products shouldn’t drop below cost within a week or two of release.  If they do, the manufacturer did something wrong.  Yes, people dump product.  But they do it because they have to.  I’m not saying that dumping is okay, but people don’t dump products that are hot.  I certainly don’t expect every product to be hot.  That’s not possible.  But there needs to be a balance.  There should be some hot products.  There should be some excitement.

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