Random Thoughts 11/18/15

-Topps Chrome Football is set to come out on Friday.  I’m very anxious to see how it turns out this year.  Last year’s product was a debacle.  They printed WAY TOO much of it and really ruined the product completely.  Anything remotely good was impossible to get.  The rookies this year are playing fairly well, so as long as they didn’t print the heck out of it, Chrome should be okay.  That’s the big question though.  Being that this is the late year of Chrome FB (at least for the foreseeable future), I wonder if Topps will want to go out with a bang or a whimper.  I’m not a huge fan of the way the designs look on the sell sheet, but they could be better in person.  The only thing that really matters is the print run though.  Chrome is a product that will always work if it’s not overproduced.  There is a big market for the single cards and collectors love all the color.  Here’s hoping Topps didn’t crank the presses too much.

-Anyone who was making fun of the Knicks for taking Kristaps Porzingis might want to re-think their bashing.  He had an absolutely monster game last night and appears to be the real deal.  He’s averaging 12.8 points, 8.6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks.  That’s pretty impressive for a 20-year old rookie who was supposed to be a few years away.  The rookies have been playing well so far overall.  Now if only Panini would put out some basketball products, maybe people could really get excited about these guys.  We had no basketball releases in November, yet we have 6 coming in December.  That really couldn’t be spread out more?  I don’t get that at all.  A basketball product like Totally Certified, Prizm or Absolute would be selling great right now.  Instead, many of these products will get looked over because they all come out on top of each other.

-Speaking of the release calendar, it is absolutely brutal for December.  There are currently around 30 products set to be released in December.  That’s completely ludicrous.  How can the manufacturers honestly think that the market can handle 30 products in one month?  The market often struggles to hand 1-2 big releases in a week and now we expect it to handle 6-7 each week.  I am assuming that some of these products will be delayed.  If they aren’t, it could get really ugly come the end of December.  There is no way the market can absorb all of this product.  So we’ll see plenty of dumping going on.  This will trickle all the way down to the single card market.  There simply isn’t enough money to go around for all of these products.  The sad part is that some of these products will go down in price simply because of the market being flooded.  They won’t go down because they are bad or because collectors don’t like them.  Group breakers will be in a tough bind too.  Will they really want to group break a product like Topps Strata Baseball or Panini Crown Royale Football or Topps Archives Signature?  I have a feeling products like that will get completely overlooked with everything else coming.  All I can say is it’s going to be a very interesting month.

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