Random Thoughts 1/12/15

-I don’t even really know where to start.  I guess I’ll start with the catch/non-catch made by Dez Bryant yesterday.  Let me start by saying any Cowboys fan is going to be upset by the call.  And if you say you wouldn’t be upset if the same thing happened to your team, you’re lying.  Like the call or not, it certainly looked close enough to be called a catch.  Based on the NFL rules, I’d say it was an incomplete pass.  However, I don’t really agree with the NFL rule.  Was Dez Bryant simply going to the ground?  Or was he trying to make a “football move” as they call it?  Technically, if he was trying to extend the ball and reach for the goal line, that should constitute a “football move” and mean that he was down by contact.  Maybe I’m interpreting the rule wrong, but I believe that’s how it should be called.  However, it’s impossible to tell if he was reaching out or simply falling down.  The reality is that the game could still have gone either way.  The Cowboys still had a chance to stop the Packers and get the ball back.  And even if the Cowboys had scored there, the Packers would have still had a chance to go down and score again.  That doesn’t take away from the fact that it was a super tough call that would be hard to swallow as a Cowboys’ fan.

-I’m excited about the College Football Playoff Finals tonight.  I can honestly say that I don’t have any rooting interest or concern about who wins the game.  My head tells me that Oregon is going to win.  However, I’ve been doubting Ohio State all season.  When Braxton Miller went down, I figured they were finished.  Then J.T. Barrett kicked butt.  When he went down with an injury, I figured Ohio State had absolute no chance.  Now they’ve crushed Wisconsin and beaten Alabama with their 3rd QB.  Oregon is certainly a tough nut to crack, but Ohio State has proven not to write them off.  My hope is that it’s a high-scoring game that comes down to the last few minutes.  I’ll predict an Oregon win 41-35.

-The NBA season sure has been interesting.  Right now we’re stuck in all this controversy about playing guys too many minutes and there being too many games in the season.  As a basketball enthusiast I’d hate to see the season shortened.  That screws with too many historical figures and stats to me.  I will say the NBA is a far inferior product when the stars aren’t playing, but is this all really due to the long season?  Sadly I think the new commissioner is definitely in favor of a shorter season.  If they do shorten the regular season, I think we have to either shorten the Playoffs or eliminate some teams from making it.  A lot of people already complain that the Playoffs are too long.  If you shorten the regular season, this will make the Playoffs seam even longer.  In addition to that, is 70 games enough to know who the best 8 teams are in each conference?  We’re already looking at some not-so-good teams making the Playoffs in the East.  Would it be even worse with only 70 games to see who is worthy?  Maybe it wouldn’t make any difference.  Maybe the teams would be more rested and therefore perform at a higher level.  Or maybe we’d have a team sneak in because they had one streak where they won 12 out of 14.

-Speaking of the NBA, how in the world are the Atlanta Hawks the third best team in the league?  They are running away from everyone else in the East.  Could they possibly win 60 games this year?  They are an astonishing 10-2 against the West.  Since they started the season 1-3, they are an insane 28-5.  If you look even further they started the season 5-5 and are 24-3 since then.  Crazy talk.  And many of the wins have been really impressive.  @Washington 106-102, @Cleveland 127-98, @Houston 104-97, @Dallas 105-102, vs.LAC 107-104, @Portland 115-107, @LAC 107-98, vs.Memphis 96-86 and vs.Washington 120-89.  I keep waiting for the Hawks to lose 5-6 in a row and regress.  I’m starting to think it’s not going to happen.  One thing we’ve definitely learned about the Hawks is that they certainly play as a team.

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