Random Thoughts 1/31/14 including Super Bowl prediction

-The Thunder demolished the Heat on Wednesday night.  The Heat started the game with a flurry with a 22-4 lead.  It appeared to be one of those games where the Heat really focus and play the way they are capable of playing. However, that didn’t last.  Many of the Heat players didn’t look into the game.  I’m not sure at what point this team will truly focus, but it needs to start happening.  Durant and the Thunder looked unbeatable in the second half.  Durant is truly feeling it right now.

-I watch the second half of the Kansas/Iowa State game after the Heat/Thunder game on Wednesday night.  Scouts and basketball people can say all they want about Andrew Wiggins. If I had the #1 pick, I’d take Wiggins without any hesitation.  I keep hearing that he’s not putting up the numbers that freshman like Kevin Durant put up.  While that is true, you have to dig a little deeper to see really compare these two players.  First let’s look at minutes per game.  Wiggins is currently playing 31.9 minutes.  Durant played 35.7.  That’s about 4 minutes more per game.  Based on this Durant would have scored about 28.7 points per 40 minutes.  Wiggins would be at about 20.7 per 40 minutes.  However, the biggest difference is field goal attempts.  Durant was at about 18.5 shots per game.  Wiggins is sitting at 11.3.  Durant’s FG% was 47.4 and Wiggins is 46.2%.  Durant was definitely better from 3-point.  Look I’m not saying that Wiggins is Durant.  But you can’t simply say that Durant averaged more points so he is better.  You know who led the NCAA in scoring during Durant’s freshmen season?  Reggie Williams.  In fact here are the last 10 players to lead the NCAA in scoring: Erick Green, Reggie Hamilton, Jimmer Fredette, Aubrey Coleman, Stephen Curry, Reggie Williams (twice),  Adam Morrison and Keydren Clark (twice).  My point is that scoring isn’t everything in college.

-The NBA announced their All-Star reserves yesterday.  I think they did a decent job with a few exceptions.  The biggest problem I had was no Anthony Davis.  I know it shouldn’t matter, but the game is being played in New Orleans.  Plus he’s having a monster year.  I would argue that he’s been better than Dwight Howard this year.  The one thing Davis has going against him is that his team isn’t very good.  Goran Dragic is another player who probably should have made the team.  I’m fine with rewarding veterans, but Dragic is out playing Tony Parker this year.  Their stats are very close, but Dragic’s are a little better.  And Phoenix has been one of the biggest surprised of the year.  Lastly I think Joe Johnson should not have made it.  Brooklyn has struggled so far this year and Johnson isn’t really doing anything special.  Lance Stephenson should have made it over Joe.  There are always going to be guys who should have made it though.  That’s part of these All-Star Games in every sport.

-The Super Bowl is nearly here.  I’m very excited to watch it this year.  I think it’s going to be a great game.  I give the slight edge to Seattle.  Denver’s D has been okay, but not great.  I think Seattle will have some success moving the ball.  They don’t have one specific weapon (just like Denver), so you can’t simply stop one guy.  If Harvin is really ready to go, Seattle will have too many weapons for Denver to stop.  On the other side of the ball, I do think Denver will have success moving the ball as well.  However, I expect Seattle’s defense to make a few plays and at least slow Denver down.  Turnovers could end up being the difference, but I expect both teams to protect the ball pretty well.  Manning does have a bit of a history turning the ball over in big games, but I expect him to take care of it on Sunday.  I think it will come down to Denver having to settle for a few too many field goals.  Final score Seattle 30 Denver 23.


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