Random Thoughts 2/26/15

-So much going on these days in the world of sports.  Perhaps some of the Hawks’ players read my article a few days ago and that encouraged them to pummel The Mavericks last night.  Or it could just be that I was just totally wrong and the Hawks are an elite team.  Big game in Cleveland tonight with the Warriors coming to town.  This is a huge measuring stick for the Cavs.  They’ve been playing great lately and are only a game and a half behind Toronto for the #2 seed in the East.  Tonight’s game should really tell us if the Cavs are ready to compete with the elite teams  I get that it’s just a regular season game on a random Thursday in February, but to the Cavs it’s more than that.  This is a game that can give them great confidence heading into the final stretch of the regular season.

-It was a sad day for me yesterday when I heard that Josh Hamilton had run into trouble again.  I’m not his biggest fan, but I’ve rooted for him ever since he got clean.  I like stories where athletes overcome adversity like that and turn their lives around.  Hopefully this is just a minor blip on the radar for him.  I’d hate to see it ruin his career or send him spiraling downwards again.  Speaking of baseball, I’m already tired of hearing about Alex Rodriguez.  Here’s my take on the situation.  I know this will NEVER happen, but what if ARod said, “Look everyone, I’m really sorry.  As a punishment to myself and to help out my team I’m going to forfeit 80% of my salary for the remainder of my contract.  I know that I cheated and I know that many of you will never forgive me for this.  I also realize that I have cost the Yankees more than I can ever repay them.  With that being said, I’d like to try.  I will also forfeit any bonuses that were due to me over the length of my contract.”  Wouldn’t that make an impression on you?  I will never love the man, but it would certainly make me respect him a whole lot more.  He’s made $356 million dollars already.  Does he really need the $68+ million more on his contact?  Like I said, it’ll never happen, but even if he said he’d take half I’d be happy.  He talks like he wants to move on and that he is sorry.  Well, put your money where your mouth is Alex.

-The NFL is starting to become a circus.  It hasn’t made me any less interested in the league, but it feels like there is a piece of negative publicity every day.  I’m still waiting to see if anymore comes from this whole Dez Bryant thing.  Was there really an incident at the Wal-Mart?  If so, why are we just now hearing about it?  Is there really a video?  The NFL can say and do whatever they want, but they’re never going to stop some of their players from being dumb.  If the league has the proper punishments in place and the players still continue to do dumb things, is the league really at fault?  Is it Apple’s fault if one of their employees does something stupid?  Do we hold all companies on the same standards as we do the NFL?  I have no problem at all with all the punishment the league hands down.  But I do think it’s a bit ridiculous when we hear about a player who has too many speeding tickets or has unpaid parking tickets.  Can you imagine if there were websites and tweets that reported news on you just like they do on these athletes?  The biggest problem the league has is the process for handling these situations.  Why do I always feel like something gets missed the first time?  It’s never a quick process where all the information is divulged upfront.  It’s always long and drawn out.  I realize there are difficult things involved in regards to the union, the lawyers and everything being so public.  However, the league has to figure out a way to handle these situations better.

-Donruss Basketball and Topps Chrome Mini Football released this week.  I actually like the looks of both of these products.  Donruss basketball is a lower end product that is an absolute blast to open.  Tons of inserts, parallels and rookie cards.  Plus you do get 4 hits per box.  If you’re looking for a fun basketball product to open, this is the one.  Topps Chrome Mini will be hard for many to swallow.  Topps Chrome football was so bad that it definitely left a sour taste in many of our mouths.  Chrome Mini offers much more value with a huge drop in production.  It’s so much easier to get #ed autographs and you can actually get the autographs of the better players.  Mini cards aren’t for everyone, but Topps actually did a decent job on this product.

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