Random Thoughts 2/4/15

-I know everyone is tired or reading about the controversy at the end of the Super Bowl.  However, I just wanted to give my take.  Let me start by saying that if your a Seahawks’ fan it really doesn’t matter what ANYONE says, you’re still going to be upset.  You can show them all the statistics and analytics that you want, but they’re still going to feel terrible.  Did the Seahawks screw up?  Maybe so, but had they won no one would have cared.  The reality is that the only “right” call is that one that makes you win.  Had they scored too quickly, people would have complained they didn’t eat up enough clock.  Had Lynch been given the ball and didn’t get in or fumbled, people would have said they should have thrown the ball.  Every play is going to be scrutinized in a game of this magnitude.  The only complaint I have is a general complaint and not necessarily directed at the Seahawks.  That complaint is that too many coaches and staffs are trying to be cute these days.  I’ve heard so many crazy things over the last few days about what “should” have happened.  I even heard someone suggest that the Patriots should have intentionally missed the extra point on there last TD so that the Seahawks weren’t forced to go for a TD.  I get playing the odds, but it’s gotten a bit ridiculous.  If the Seahawks knew they were going to run the ball to win, why not run it on 2nd down?  The over-thinking is what got them in trouble, not the decision.  Why not go ahead and get the score and take the lead and not worry about the clock?  You worry about the clock and you end up not scoring.  This happens in every sport, not just football.  Coaches and management have become so aware of all the odds and statistics out there that I think it sometimes goes to their heads.  In addition to that, these teams all know that whatever they do will be looked at under a microscope.  I say, do what feels right and what you believe is best for the team.

-The Hawks finally lost a game after winning 19 in a row.  That’s a heck of a feat to win that many in a row.  The NBA season will really heat up after the All-Star break.  The West Playoffs are going to be epic.  The East, not so much.  The Cavs seem to be putting things together, but the rest of the East doesn’t look too formidable against the Hawks.  Maybe the Bulls figure it out.  Maybe the Wizards or Raptors get and stay healthy and have enough.  But right now, it looks like a 2 team race in the East.  I’m sure many would say I’m crazy and that the Wizards and Raptors are better than the Cavs.  I only have one question for those people.  If you were in the Playoffs and had to play the Cavs or anyone else, who would you rather play?  Assuming LeBron is healthy, you can’t honestly say you’d rather match up against the Cavs than the Wizards, Raptors or Bulls.  As I said earlier, the West Playoffs are going to be epic.  Yes, Golden State looks to be the best of the best.  But you tell me who in the West you’d want to play?  Memphis plays great D and has just enough offense to be scary.  Houston has James Harden and what else do you need?  Portland has Lillard, Aldridge and a great group of secondary players.  The Clips can run and shoot you out of the building.  Dallas has a tremendous coach and a HOF power forward.  San Antonio needs no explanation.  Phoenix and New Orleans are solid as well.  And this is all assuming Oklahoma City doesn’t get their heads on straight and start playing like everyone thought they would.  Can you imagine being a Golden State fan and getting a lovely match up of Oklahoma City in the first round?  This is the reason that many experts are picking the Hawks to make the Finals more often than any of the West teams.  They simply won’t face the competition to get there.

-Big day in college football today with signing day.  Per usual, Alabama cleaned up.  One day someone will supplant them as the champ of recruiting.  Auburn and UCLA have both had tremendous days too.  Sadly it has not been a great day for my Domers.  Their Class looks decent, but they had several guys today that they were hoping for that didn’t go their way.  Such is life.

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