Random Thoughts 3/20/14

-March Madness officially gets underway today.  There are several interesting games today.  The ones that most of us with brackets will be watching closely are:

  • Dayton/Ohio State- I expect Ohio State to win, but it would be crushing to a lot of brackets if they did not.  A good bit of people have Ohio State beating Syracuse in the 2nd Round.
  • Harvard/Cincinnati- The 12 vs. 5 games are always a big deal for the brackets.  Many have expected Harvard to give Cincy a run in this game.
  • BYU/Oregon- I’ve never put a ton of stock in the 10 vs. 7 games.  There is a wide variance on who is picked and most pick the 2 seed to win the 2nd Round game.  With that being said, it does matter.
  • Delaware/Michigan St.- I only list this game because so many are predicting big things from Michigan State.  They have had injuries and are healthy now, but they still lost 8 games.  It’s always nerve wracking when the team you picked to win is playing.
  • NC State/Saint Louis- Amazingly not that many people picked NC State.  Saint Louis has really been struggling lately and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go down.
  • North Dakota St/Oklahoma- North Dakota St. seems to be a fairly popular pick.  It’s nice to pick the early upsets and get them right, but it’s devastating to get them wrong.
  • Arizona State/Texas- Amazingly very few people picked either one of these teams to beat Michigan in Round 2.  I actually think they would both have a decent shot.

-Miami and Indiana both lost last night.  They have both been sputtering a bit lately.  As I’ve stated before, I think this is tougher for Indiana than Miami.  Miami could also blame it on injuries (even though they’ve lost some of these games at full strength.  Both teams need to re-fouce and get on a good streak before the Playoffs start.  They’re both going to win their 1st Round match-ups, but they need to play at a much higher level if they really want to win a championship.

-Javier Baez continues to rake for the Cubs.  He’s leading the Majors in HRs during spring.  He does have 12 strikeouts and he hasn’t walked yet, so there is definitely still work to do.  However, he might be doing that work at the Major League level pretty soon.  The Cubs could use some pop in their lineup and he could provide that right now.  I’m biased because I’m a Cubs’ fan, but I’m super excited about the future with Baez, Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler, Albert Almora, C.J. Edwards and more.

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