Random Thoughts 3/26/14

-There wasn’t a whole lot going on in the sports world yesterday.  There were a few random NBA games, some NHL and the NCAA Women’s tournament.  I don’t follow the Women’s bracket nearly as close as the Men’s. However, i do look at the scores.  It always seems to me like the top teams totally demolish everyone else.  The four 1 seeds have won by an average of 26.75 points and the closest game was 78-69.  Of the top 16 seed, 12 advanced to the Sweet 16.  Compare that to the Men’s where the average margin for the 1 seeds is only 14.25 points and one of them has already lost.  Also, of the top 16 seeds, only 10 have advanced.  I don’t remember all the past years, but I feel like the Women’s bracket is normally more lopsided in favor of the higher seeds.

-The Knicks really faltered last night.  They were playing a pretty bad Lakers team and they lost by 31 points.  Ouch!  I think there chances of getting the 8th seed are slim to none.  Indiana and Miami play tonight.  That’s a huge game as the Heat are only 2 games back of Indiana (1 in the loss column).  If Miami wins, they put a ton of pressure on Indy and it’s truly a race.  If Indiana wins, they have a 3 game lead and will feel fairly safe with only about 10 games left to play.  The East has gotten a little more interesting lately with Chicago and Brooklyn both playing much better.  I still think Indy and Miami will play in the Eastern Conference Finals.  However, it’s not completely out of the question to think Chicago or Brooklyn could pull off the upset.  Chicago is 2-2 against Miami and Indiana this year.  Brooklyn is 3-0 against Miami, but 0-4 against Indiana this year (2 of the games were at least close).  Brooklyn and Chicago are two teams that are scary because they won’t be afraid.  That’s one thing Miami and Indiana really use to their advantage against most teams.

-San Antonio is on fire in the West.  They’ve won 14 in a row and have just about locked up the #1 seed.  Phoenix has been really hot lately as well and is only 1/2 game behind Dallas and Memphis.  The top 4 seeds are all locked up, but the bottom 4 could definitely shift.  Regardless, the match-ups are going to be fantastic.  And I don’t think anyone will feel all that safe in the West.  I can’t wait.


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