Random Thoughts 4/25/14

-Sorry I  haven’t been posting these as often.  It’s been a great first week in the NBA Playoffs.  There have been tons of surprises so far.  I just watched the end of the Wizards/Bulls game.  Shocking that the road team has won every game.  The end of the Brooklyn/Toronto game was a good one.  Brooklyn looked like they had it all wrapped up and then the Raptors made a monstrous comeback at the end.  Sadly for them, it fell just a tad short.  I’m watching the Rockets/Blazers game right now.  If Houston can’t slow down Aldridge, they have no chance in this series.  They changed things up a bit this game by starting Asik instead of Jones.  Perhaps the most shocking series is the Pacers/Hawks.  I thought the Pacers were struggling, but this goes way beyond what I thought.  The Hawks really look like the better team, which is really saying something considering the Hawks finished under .500 on the year.  They play game 4 tomorrow and if the Pacers lose tomorrow, they’ll really be in big trouble.  Amazingly enough, if the Rockets win tonight, the Miami Heat will be the only team that can sweep in round 1.  Miami might not be playing as well as last year, but I certainly wouldn’t bet against them.  Certainly no one else in the East looks good enough to beat then right now.  There is certainly more talent in the West, but those teams are going to beat up each other quite a bit on the way to the Finals.

-I haven’t been following the NFL Playoffs nearly as closely as the NBA.  However, it appears like there are some great series going.  5 of the 8 are tied 2-2 right now.  Boston and San Jose both lead 3-1 and Montreal swept Tampa.  Not only are the series close, but many of the games have been as well.  Every Penguins/Blue Jackets b a me has been decide by 1 goal with 2 of them going into OT.  The Blues/Blackhawks series has been even better.  Including tonight, 4 of the 5 games have gone to OT (game 1 went to triple OT).  It should continue to be a fun Playoffs.  There’s nothing quite like OT Playoff NFL games.

-2014 Bowman BB is finally here.  What is your guess to what the first Kris Bryant Chrome Auto will sell for?  I’m guessing around $150 for the base.  Could be too low, but I can’t see them going too much higher than that.  Of course that is assuming it’s not SUPER short printed.  If it is, it could be a $300+ card.  Who are other prospects that people are excited about?  With that big of a checklist, there are bound to be several players become good players.  Being a Cubs fan, I’m kind of excited to see Pierce Johnson autos.  He has a Bowman Sterling auto, but this is his first Chrome.  Should be a ton of fun.

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