Random Thoughts 6/1/14

-The Spurs took care of business last night.  We’re getting a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals.  The teams are pretty similar to last year.  There are a few new pieces and a few guys who play more/less than last year.  However, it should be very similar in terms of the match-up.  My early take on the series is that the Heat have the advantage.  The big key is Wade’s health.  He wasn’t playing nearly this well during the Playoffs last year.  He’s average nearly 19 points per game in the Playoffs right now.  And he’s shooting well over 50%.  Last year he was averaging just over 14 points and shooting well below 50% heading into the series with San Antonio.  I will say that Wade played well against San Antonio last year.  But he was nowhere near as healthy going into the series.  San Antonio has also had a much tougher road to the Finals.  That can be a good or a bad thing.  The good part of it is that they have been tested and they have survived.  The bad part of it is that they’ve had to work a lot harder to get to this point.  They’ve played 3 more games during the Playoffs than the Heat.  That might not sound like a lot, but it does add extra mileage.  From a motivation standpoint, I think these two teams should be fairly even.  The Spurs are trying to avenge last year while also adding another piece to their amazing legacy.  The Heat are trying to make history by winning three in a row.  Either way, both of these teams will go down in history.  But this series could have an impact on one of them being discussed as one of the greatest teams ever.  My early prediction is Heat in 6.  I’ll have a more complete breakdown later in the week.

-We’re starting to maybe see some big call-ups in MLB.  Oscar Taveras got the call yesterday and didn’t disappoint.  He blasted a HR in his 2nd big league at bat.  Could Gregory Polanco or Joc Pederson or Kris Bryant be next?  I sure hope so for the card market.  George Springer has been a nice bonus so far.  And his cards in products like Topps Chrome, Topps Finest, Bowman Chrome and others should help.  Now we can get the same cards from Taveras.  Nothing pushes these products better than having big young guys in there.  One good thing is that we have Jose Abreu coming back tomorrow.  Hopefully he’ll keep mashing and his sales will stay strong.  Tanaka continues to dominate as well.  He’s 8-1 with the lowest ERA in the AL at 2.08.  He’s also 3rd in strikeouts with 88.  If only he had autographs…

-I saw a few cases of the new Best of Basketball opened this weekend.  While I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see anything major in 5 cases, I will say that the overall content was solid.  Out of the 5 cases, 4 of them had either a Jordan, LeBron or Kobe auto.  Granted, these cards aren’t all worth huge money.  However, it’s nice to spend $750-$800 on a case and get a big auto like that.  There were 3 Paul George autos, which would have been really nice 3 months ago.  Nearly all of the rest of the cards were Hall of Fame guys.  3 Kareem autos, Dr. J. auto, Dominique Star RC, Reggie Miller auto, Yao Ming auto and Kobe RC.  Not bad at all.  Also, many of the sketch cards look really nice.  I suspect some of those will bring in a decent amount.  If the sketch cards can average $30-$40 in return, this will be a really fun product to open.  I would guess the average return on the slabbed card is around $150.  That means you’d be around $175-$200 after the sketch.  I know that’s still losing money, but with the chance of hitting some really nice stuff, I’ll take it.  Most products are going to have a negative average return.  However, most products don’t have as much chase as this one does.  If you’re a basketball fan, I would definitely recommend this one.

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