Random Thoughts 9/22/14

-College football didn’t disappoint this weekend.  I watched several games and enjoyed them all.  The Alabama/Florida game got ugly in the second half, but was solid for quite a while.  I really thought Florida might give them a game after they came out strong to start the game.  Alabama simply had too much talent and took over in the second half.  The FSU/Clemson game was fantastic.  I kept waiting for FSU to impose their will, but it never happened.  I realize they didn’t have Winston.  However, I still expected them to play better.  Clemson made so many mistakes and still had a great chance to win the game.  If their kicker doesn’t miss 2 field goals, I think they win the game.  The interesting thing to me is whether or not FSU really is that good.  They haven’t looked amazing so far.  I also watched most of the Oregon/Washington St. game.  It was very similar to the Alabama/Florida game.  Washington State hung around for a bit, but didn’t have quite enough talent to win the game.  One concerning thing for Oregon is their lack of ability to protect Mariota.  He was hit hard in this game.  Will Oregon be able to keep him healthy all year?  We saw what looking a Heisman type of player can do to a team with FSU losing Winston for a game and Ohio State losing Braxton Miller for the season.  The upcoming week doesn’t give us a ton of great match-ups on paper.  However, I see a few that could be interesting.  It’s always a tad tough this early in the season to gauge if some of these undefeated teams are good or not.  UCLA plays at Arizona State.  Both teams are in the top 15 and both are undefeated.  The following teams all play against unranked, undefeated teams:

#16 Stanford @ Washington

Oregon State @ #18 USC

#1 Florida State @ NC State

Should be a fun weekend.

-The baseball is just about wrapped up.  I’m kind of sad that Derek Jeter and the Yankees didn’t make the Playoffs.  I used to be a big hater of Jeter.  Always thought he was overrated and wasn’t nearly as good or as cool as other people did.  However, I’ve done a complete 180 now.  I have the utmost respect for that guy.  He goes out everyday and plays his butt off.  You never hear ANYTHING negative about him.  In today’s world, that’s pretty darn impressive.  His career stats are pretty impressive too.  For the longest time I never gave longevity much thought when I considered how good a player was.  I’m starting to reconsider that as well.  So many players fizzle out.  Johan Santana was always one of my favorites.  I truly believed he was on his way to a Hall of Fame career.  Sadly, injuries has stepped in and I doubt he’ll ever make much of an impact again.  And there’s no way he makes the Hall of Fame with a short career.  There are players that are great in short spurts like Johan.  There are players who play a long time, but are never really great like a Jamie Moyer.  And then there are players like Jeter who play for a long time at a very high level.  Those are your TRUE Hall of Fame players.

-Bowman Chrome Baseball releases this week.  I haven’t had the time to really dive into the checklist.  However, I am interested to see how it turns out.  The checklist is much bigger than most people are used to.  Many assume this is simply because they made more of the product this year.  While that probably has something to do with it, it’s also because every box now has 2 autographs.  Last year there were 16 autographs per case (on average of course).  This year there are 24.  That means for every case they needed 8 extra autographs.  That’s quite a bit.  Will the product be amazing?  Probably not.  At least not right out of the gate.  There will, no doubt, be some guys that become good players.  However, I’m guessing it won’t be for a few years.  Bowman Chrome has become the deep prospect product.  Bowman Draft has all the guys who just got drafted.  Bowman has all the huge names that were left out of Draft or are big time international stars.  Bowman Chrome is left to pick through the guys who fall through the cracks or are far enough from making the Bigs that they don’t have a ton of value yet.  There will always be a few guys who hit it big.  Just look at last year and Tyler Glasnow.  That guy has had one of the best starts to his career that I’ve ever seen in the minors.  And last year, no one cared about him when Bowman Chrome came out.  Who will be this year’s Tyler Glasnow?

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