Random Thoughts 9/3/14

-The first week of college football is officially in the books.  A few things caught my eye during the games.  Alabama and Florida State, who are currently ranked #1 & #2, didn’t look all that impressive to me.  Winston struggled through his first game.  Will this be a sign of things to come or just a bad game?  He’s still an elite talent, but the talent around him didn’t look as good as last year.  Some will look at the box score and see 370 yards for Winston.  However, his completion percentage was down and he threw 2 INTs.  FSU also didn’t look as dominating on defense.  Oklahoma State was able to score 31 points and had 364 yards.  They only gave up that many points and yards twice all last year.  Alabama also didn’t look great.  They gave up 23 points and nearly 400 yards to West Virginia.  Their running game did look dominant.  Their passing game was solid, but not spectacular.  I’m just used to see Alabama win these games 37-10 and not 33-23.  With all this being said, college football is impossible to gauge for the first few weeks.  Maybe OK State and WVU are better than we originally thought they would be.  Neither team is ranked right now, but maybe they both end up in the top 25 or top 15.  You never know.  Each week we learn a little bit about a few teams.  And, at the end of the day, a win is a win.

-In addition to the teams that weren’t overly impressive, there were several teams that were very impressive.  University of Georgia looked like a powerhouse.  Their D struggled a bit in the first half, but completely shut down Clemson in the second half.  And Todd Gurley is an absolute beast.  If he stays healthy, that team will be tough to beat.  Texas A&M also looked really good.  Johnny who?  I assume at some point A&M will miss Johnny, but they certainly didn’t in week 1.  Many of the big name programs like Oregon, Oklahoma, Auburn, Stanford, USC, Notre Dame and Nebraska all took care of business against weaker opponents.  These week the match-ups are not great.  Many of the top teams have very easy games.  The best game is, without a doubt, Michigan State at Oregon.  That game could have a huge impact on the Playoffs.  USC/Stanford and Notre Dame/Michigan are the only other good match-ups within the top 25.

-The regular season has ended for the minor leagues.  It’s sad for me because that means no more Kris Bryant.  I’m excited to see if he wins Minor League Player of the Year.  To me it boils down to three players.  Those three players are Bryant, Joc Pederson and Tyler Glasnow.  You could definitely make an argument for Joey Gallo as well.  Here are their numbers:

Bryant- Split time between AA & AAA.

AA- .355/.458/.702/1.160, 61 runs, 20 doubles, 22 home runs, 58 rbi, 43 walks, 77 strikeouts, 8 stolen bases

AAA- .295/.418/.619/1.036, 57 runs, 14 doubles, 21 home runs, 52 rbi, 43 walks, 85 strikeouts, 7 stolen bases

TOTAL- .325/.438/.661/1.098, 118 runs, 34 doubles, 43 home runs, 110 rbi, 86 walks, 162 strikeouts, 15 stolen bases

Joc Pederson- Spent the entire year at AAA.

.303/.435/.582/1.017, 106 runs, 17 doubles, 4 triples, 33 home runs, 78 rbi, 100 walks, 149 strikeouts, 30 stolen bases

Tyler Glasnow- Spent the entire year at High A.

12 wins, 5 losses, 1.74 era, 1.05 whip, .174 batting average against, 157 strikeouts in 124.1 innings


All three had remarkable seasons.  I think Glanow loses out because he was in A whereas Bryant and Pederson both finished the year at AAA.  I give the edge to Bryant.  He was better in every category except walks, strikeouts and stolen bases.  Yes, Pederson spent the entire season at AAA, but Bryant’s AAA numbers would have been better than Pederson’s if you assume Bryant stayed on the same pace.  For those of your arguing for Joey Gallo, I’ll simply say this.  He started in A and finished in AA.  While his power is tremendous (he finished 2nd to Bryant with 42 home runs), he strikes out more than Bryant or Pederson and he only hit .232 in AA over 68 games.  His season average finished at .271 between A & AA.  That’s nearly 30 points below Pederson and 50 points below Bryant.  And I just can’t get over the strikeouts.  Bryant struck out a lot, but nothing like Gallo.  In 250 at bats in AA, Gallow struck out a staggering 115 times.  He struck out over 40% of the time he stepped to the plate.  Bryant was less than 30% of the time in AAA and about 26% of the time in AA.  Still a lot, but nothing like Gallo.


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