The first Atlanta Sports Cards Blog Post

Hello all,

Welcome to the Atlanta Sports Cards’ Blog.  This portion of the site was created to share information with all of our customers.  We will be posting daily information and news on here.  This is a great place for collectors to come and get information that is unbiased and not skewed towards products we have in stock.

This has been a crazy week for sure.  There have been several new products coming in.  All of the following arrived for shipment this week: 2009 Topps Sterling BB, 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars BB, 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection BB, 2010 Topps Series 1 BB, 2010 Upper Deck Series 1 BB, 2009 National Treasures FB, 2009 Topps National Chicle FB, 2009-10 Upper Deck Trilogy HK and we just received 2009 Topps Platinum FB for next week.

So far, Ultimate BB looks like the big winner of the group.  It is absolutely loaded with on-card autographs and amazing patches.  The Sterling has looked solid, but not spectacular.  It has some really nice stuff in there, but there have been some complaints about too many current players.  2010 Topps is its usual self.  Nothing spectacular, but a good, lower-end type of product.  The new brand Signature Stars from Upper Deck appears to be a bit of a mystery so far.  The SP Authentic Letter Autographs and UD Black hits are pretty cool.  However, the box breaks have not been spectacular so far.  It’s still too early to make a judgement on the UD 1 BB.

The National Treasures has some awesome hits in it as usual.  The RC Auto Patches are very nice this year and have some crazy patches on them.  There is also a great mixture of retired content as usual.  Honestly, I haven’t really seen or heard much about the National Chicle.  I think it’s getting a little lost in the shuffle.

There are a ton of exciting products coming in the next few weeks.  We will try to post mini reviews about every product that comes in.  Eventually, we’d love to break a box of every product and show it off to our customers.

This blog is something that should end up being a lot of fun for everyone.  It will be a great place to get information.  Anytime there is breaking news in the industry, we will try to be the first to report it here on our blog.

Thanks for all the continued support and we look forward to fulfilling your card needs in the future.


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