Topps The Mint BB

So it’s been quite some time since I posted on here.  I apologize for that.  I’ll try to get back on here more.  I simply couldn’t resist inputing my opinion into the newest Topps Baseball release.  This one is The Mint.  It’s the most expensive baseball box that Topps has ever produced.  I certainly wouldn’t call it the best though.

When I first saw the sell sheet I was mildly excited about the product.  The cards looked fairly nice and I saw the possibility for some nice cards.  I was a bit concerned that they didn’t show many autograph patches or big time chase cards like bat knobs, bat barrels, cut autos, etc.  Many people were excited about this product and I could certainly understand that.

Then I saw the checklist earlier this week.  My first reaction was total shock.  Not only were there a TON of names that should never have been on the checklist, but there were also only 10 names on the Autograph Patch checklist.  Wait, what?  I tried to remain positive and expect that there would be some un-announced content or something I was missing.

The breaks started to pop up yesterday and sadly I wasn’t missing anything.  Yes, the cards look nice.  The inscriptions are cool and it’s not hard to hit a big name autograph.  That’s not nearly enough for an $800-$900 box though.  Topps apparently has been receiving a lot of backlash as they released a statement today defending the product.  They mention how easy it is to hit an autograph like Mike Trout.  They talk about how every other box has an incremental memorabilia card.  And every 3rd box has an autograph patch.

Again, wait what?  Does Topps think an autograph patch 1 in 3 boxes is a good thing?  They know that you can buy Dynasty BB for about a third of the price and get an autograph patch #ed to 10 right?  In fact you could buy at least 2 cases of Dynasty for the price of 1 case of The Mint and you’d end up with 9-10 Patch Autos #ed to 10,  In the case of The Mint you’d get 1 patch autograph and it might be #ed as high as 150.  And does Topps really think an incremental non-autographed memorabilia card is that big of a deal?  The batting glove cards are kind of neat.  Just don’t look at the checklist.  The best names on that list are Dustin Pedroia and Miguel Cabrera.  No Trout, no Harper, no Bryant, no retired players.  And 90% of the incremental memorabilia hits are either an Adam Jones jersey card or a David Ortiz jersey card.  Those cards are #ed to as high as 250 and typically contain only a jersey and not a patch.  Thanks for the $10 Topps.  I realize they are from “special” games, but that won’t make much difference.

The bottom line is Topps really goofed this one up.  You want to make a $900 box you had better have some amazing stuff.  Where are the autograph patches?  Where are the bat knobs, barrels and cuts?  Where are the dual/triple/quad autographs?  I understand that it’s really easy to hit Trout and Ichiro autographs.  That’s great, but at $900 you’re going to get CRUSHED if your box hit is a Mike Trout autograph #ed to 50.  How can Topps possibly justify putting names like Aaron Nola, Henry Owens, Jon Gray, Lucas Giolito, Luis Severino, Miguel Sano, Andrew Miller, J.D. Martinez, James Shields, Adam Jones, A.J. Pollock, Cole Hamels, Dallas Keuchel, Edwin Encarnacion, Evan Longoria, Freddie Freeman, Francisco Lindor, Jason Heyward, Ryan Braun, Starling Marte and so many more into this expensive of a product?  I’m not knocking those guys as players, but their value isn’t high at all.

Look I get it.  Every card can’t be amazing.  Every card can’t be worth $500.  And honestly I’d be okay with all of those guys above being on the checklist if every box had a jumbo patch auto of Trout, Harper, Bryant, Griffey, Nolan Ryan, Rickey Henderson, George Brett, etc. plus the chase at monster hits.  Why not do a booklet quad patch auto of Bryant, Trout, Harper and Correa?  Why not do some dual HOF inscribed cards with guys that were inducted in the same year?  Or dual inscribed cards from Cy Young winners or MVPs?  Why not add in some vintage memorabilia cards?

I just really think Topps missed the target on this one.  Every other moderately high end product has more chase.  Tier One has bat knobs.  Triple Threads has tons of amazing patch books and multi-player patches.  Museum has silver framed autos and bat barrels.  Dynasty has a TON of jumbo patch autos, retired memorabilia autos and cut autos.  Why are NONE of these elements in their most expensive product ever made?

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