UPDATE: 2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball Relic Set – IN BOX CHECKLIST WRONG!

Bowman Relics Have More Checklist Omissions; Commons stayed, Stars were cancelled


In an update on the last posting, even fewer “key” one-per-box relic autos actually exist.  You can add the following subjects to the list of cards on the original checklist that didnt get printed.  With these though, they were even on the in-box checklist cards!  Amazing how blase Topps can be!

Theres no:

Carl Crawford

Josh Hamilton

Carlos Gonzalez

Evan Longoria

Clay Buchholz

Phil Hughes

Nick Markakis

Jason Heyward

Unbelieveably, the “relic hit” can only be one of the following:

Group A (easiest to get)- Adam Rosales (?),  John McDonald (?), Franklin Morales (?), Yamaico Navarro (?)…..(im gonna stop with the (?s) because you get the point.)  WHO IN THE SAM HELL ARE THESE GUYS????…..Leo Nunez, Trevor Bell, Jesse Crain (WOW), Evan meek (DOUBLE WOW), Jake McGee (this is getting silly), Brett Cecil………..Vance Worley, Juan Miranda, Max Ramirez (is he even in baseball still?) , Emilio Bonafacio (who?) , Edwin Encarnacion, Juan Francisco, Ozzie Martinez, Jhan Martinez, Robinson Tejada (whos that?)

Groub B- The epic JP Arencibia, Starlin Castro (damn them for putting ONE star in the set!)

Group C (1:2000 packs)- Freddie Freeman (its a bat chip), Jeremy Hellickson, Austin Jackson.

I’m continuing to monitor outrage on various message boards.  It’s been said by some that Topps will never be forced to live up to any problems (or lies) they may have caused or told, due to the fact that they are basically a monopoly; they hold the only MLB license to make cards.  I’m starting to doubt that sentiment.  I can’t wait to “talk” to them at the National!

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